Columns and decorative pieces

Stone columns are considered one of the most beautiful architectural additions, providing buildings with luxury and distinctiveness. They come in various designs, including Roman, Italian, and others. Different decorative pieces like fountains, ornaments, and plant motifs with Islamic or other patterns add great aesthetics to palaces, villas, and buildings. Some of these are intricately handcrafted, […]


Yellow stone is used in construction and exterior and interior decorations. It is an innovative addition to facades, characterized by its attractive sandy and desert-like color, with various color gradients available.


Basalt stone (black) is considered one of the types of natural stone used in construction and cladding, which provides a modern and stunning appearance with a unique touch that distinguishes the structure. It can be used in some designs as edges, frames, or in certain facades. It is also known for its durability and its […]


Plain stone, also known as smooth stone, is characterized by its smoothness and suitability for many architectural designs. It can be employed in facades that require large stone sizes. Additionally, it serves as an aesthetic element alongside decorations and engravings. It can also be used for pathways or flooring.


The pattern of Matabbah stone is one of the most widely used patterns in construction, whether for multi-story buildings or villas, because its surface is smoother compared to Mufajjar or Musamsam stone. Matabbah stone is available in various dimensions (with or without chamfering) and comes in distinct colors, along with a wide range of additional […]


The Musamsam pattern in the stone is distinctive because it provides a rougher appearance compared to the Matabbah stone but less so than the Mufajjar stone. It stands out for enhancing color consistency and is simpler than other types. It is also manually engraved, and this type is known for its compatibility with smooth facades.


We produce stone with the Tobzah pattern, which is the most beautiful pattern with a timeless appearance. It’s an inherited pattern passed down from generation to generation in construction. Tobzah stone adds an aesthetic dimension to the building due to the protrusions in the stone. It is characterized by each color, whether it’s white, yellow, […]


Mufajjar stone is one of the most popular types of stone in construction, available in various sizes and colors. Additionally, it includes all the corners, trims, keystones, and sills. It is engraved in a rough pattern manually by professional tools and hands, with each piece being crafted individually